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Palm Beach Breakers Hotel Squad Of Hall Of Famers Recalled In New Baseball Auction

1915 Breakers (Christie's)

While most early baseball history is tied to areas like New York, Boston and Chicago, a new auction announced this week by Christie’s is reminding folks that more than a century ago, Hall of Famers “Pop” Lloyd, “Pete” Hill, Louis Santop, Smokey Joe Williams and others played for the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel team.

The 1915 team cabinet photograph is expected to fetch between $10,000-$15,000 in bidding as one of the many unique pieces in the Golden Age of Baseball, Selections from the National Pastime Museum, a two-day auction on October 19-20 in New York.

The historic photograph captures the nattily-attired early Negro League stars, 15 members in total, on the porch of the hotel. It is one of nearly 500 total lots, the largest collection of baseball ephemera to appear at an international auction house in more than 15 years. Comprised of a remarkable assemblage of game-used bats, letters, contracts, memorabilia and a treasury of vintage baseball photography.

There’s no Marlins gear, but area fans may be interested in the extensive Cuban memorabilia, including Cuban Cigarrillos cards and items signed by Martin Dihigo.

Fans can view the highlights and learn more at

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