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SEELY: Annual College Game’s HOF Could Be Better

• The Florida-Georgia Hall of Fame is okay, nothing really special except maybe to the two from each team who are inducted each year. The ceremony is low-rent, during a luncheon in a tent outside the stadium on the day before the game. Maybe 100-150 fit inside. This year? Could be huge, and let’s see if our sports council steps up to a bigger site because the two Florida inductees will be Tim Tebow and Emmitt Smith. No, they haven’t been formally chosen, any more than Trump or Clinton, but they’ll leave behind the other eight names on this year’s ballot. Georgia’s pair isn’t quite as predictable but a better would take a chance of Marcus Stroud and Knowshon Moreno.

• What to make of UF Athletic Director Jeremy Foley’s sudden announcement that he’s headed to retirement? Yep, he won’t leave until October, but three things come to mind: 1) something’s wrong in the Foley world (health, etc.) or 2) he has a bigger job lined up or 3) the successor already has been chosen and laid down a ultimatum: no more waiting around. Let’s hope it’s not No. 1 and Foley is headed for a quiet retirement. No. 2 is a possibility; maybe the bright lights of a big city beckon, leaving Gainesville (a big hick town, please admit.) No. 3 is doubtful because there’s a huge reservoir of potential ADs out there, and Florida doesn’t need to be intimidated.

• Met Daytona Int’l Speedway boss Joey Chitwood for the first time. Handles himself well and maybe the monster renovation of the speedway won’t be a monster white elephant, as more than a few predict.

• The Vegas over/under line has the Jags at 7.5 wins which means they’ll have a 50 percent improvement over last year’s 5 wins. Only Houston, at 8.5, is better in the AFC South. Not sure that the Jags will be that much better and really not sure the Texans can break .500. Sounds reasonable.

• Wasn’t it just a few years ago that the AFC South was the best conference? And now, isn’t it the worst?

• Opportunity can knock too quickly, sometimes. Not half a year ago, Tim Cooper was an assistant pro at Jacksonville’s fine Deerwood club. Then he got the head job down the road at Deercreek and, just as quickly, off he went to the King and Bear at the World Golf Village. He’s regarded highly, obviously.

• If you assume that the Tampa Bay area isn’t going to really support major league baseball, then quit talking about a new stadium. The dome is an easy target for critics but, to one who’s looking at it from almost four hours away, it’s acceptable: the dome keeps out the rain, I-275 puts you to the stadium area quickly, there’s plenty of parking and it’s located in one of the state’s best cities. A new stadium — a cover is a must — probably will run in the billion-dollar range, and no one has that kind of cash these days.

• Heard that Atlanta’s new dome has a big problem: the roof arrived and doesn’t fit the space it’s supposed to fit in.

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