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Phin Academy Preps Dolphins for Life after Jacksonville

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Jacksonville University’s student-athletes have experienced unprecedented athletic success this season, and now the athletic department is proud to announce that many of its student-athletes have also been prepped for life after JU thanks to the Phin Academy.

“We founded the Phin Academy to give student-athletes a more hands-on, holistic experience in leadership and professional development,” said Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Services Lamarr Pottinger.

The Phin Academy develops, challenges, and supports JU student-athletes who have true potential to become leaders academically, athletically, and in life. It provides comprehensive leadership development programming through interactive workshops, career assessments, and practical professional experience. In order to complete the program and receive the Phin Academy Certificate, the student-athlete must complete four of the five programs that were offered this spring.

“In my mind these student-athletes represent the very best that our University has to offer,” said Director of Athletics Dr. Donnie Horner. “They understand the concept of team over self, know the difference between pain and injury, and realize that success on the athletic field translates to success in the classroom – and vice versa.”

The five events put on by the Phin Academy included a resume workshop on Jan. 26, an etiquette and network training on Feb. 9, an etiquette dinner on March 3, a career expo on March 16, and a leadership workshop on April 7. Participants also received professional headshots and completed the Keirsey Temperament Sorter test.

Several student-athletes weighed on what the Phin Academy has meant to them.

Sable Lee, a senior on the softball team, will head to Orlando, Fla., after graduation to enroll in the DeVos Sports Business Management program.

“I want to thank Lamarr and the Phin Academy for providing a professional platform in efforts to help student-athletes jump start their careers,” said Lee. “Their programs highlighted many different developmental strategies that will benefit every student-athlete in their respective professions.”

Evan Fernandez, a redshirt freshman on the baseball team, plans on attending law school.

“The Phin Academy has been an interesting and insightful experience since day one,” said Fernandez. “I will be able to use the etiquette and leadership skills that we learned about now in JU athletics and in the next chapter of my life as a business professional.”

Trey Barnes, a junior on the football team, will look to do something with his business degree with a background in math.

“Phin Academy has been a great experience,” said Barnes. “I’ve learned things I didn’t previously know and grown in areas that I thought I already had down pat. I’ve really appreciated the thought that’s gone into the program on my behalf. Receiving training in etiquette and network building, pointers on my resume, and business cards has truly prepared me not only for the rest of my academic career, but for the rest of my life as well.”

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