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GOLF NOTES: Palatka wins Club Team

Jacksonville Golf News

The Palatka Golf Club team won the Jacksonville Area Golf Association’s Club Team Championship played last month at Timuquana Country Club. The team consisted of pro Paul Trettner and amateurs Ron Jerin, Ron Millis and David Perkins.

The winning score was 29-under-par 115 and there were three teams a stroke behind: Deercreek, Atlantic Beach and Fleming Island.

The reason for the low scores: the new rules which allow professionals to carry a handicap. This is a recent trend to equalize the professionals in a pro-am competition, and strokes are now awarded starting with players on the forward most tees.

For instance, Charles Raulerson of Fleming Island is one of the state’s best players and he was given five strokes. 

The complete results:
115: Palatka Golf Club (Paul Trettner, Ron Jerin, Ron Mullis, David Perkins.)
116: Deercreek (Tom Maxwell, Arch Copeland, Lee Fields, Mark Rutland); Atlantic Beach (Spencer Brown, Joe Fitzgerald, Bryan Croft, Mike Lee); Fleming Island (Charles Raulerson, Alan Stuckey, John McCormick, Charles Petranella.)
119: Fernandina Beach (Mike Benjamin, Price Poole, Charles Kicklighter, Jim Edwards); Queen’s Harbour (Jim Camp, Bob Sykora, Ray Felice, Joe Wolke.)
123: South Hampton (Bryan Kipnis, Jamie Turngreen, Barb Biber, Sue Fitzgerald); Timuquana (Jason Smith, Jon Thompson, Michael McKenny, Bill Hardaker.)
124: Julington Creek (Brent Miller, Andy Jackson, J.D. Arms, John Gaston); Orange Park (Michael Simmons, Jeff Sullinger, Scott Geeser, Tony Roberts); Hidden Hills (Russ Libby, Barney Poston, Dave Vince, Tex Blinn.)
125: Amelia River (Alan Clack, Paul Worley, Dale Dignum, Chris Wimsett.)
126: Amelia Island Club (Dean Grunewald, Bill Smiley, Don Millen, Ron Turner); Blue Cypress (Byron Comstock, Rod Ellison, Earl Kelly, Jerry Wood); Jacksonville Golf and Country Club (Ray Barr, Paul Creven, Skip Lunsford, Tom Joseph.)
128: Magnolia Point (Mike Trinley, Bob Wildner, Joe Thill, Brad Lucas.)
129: Hyde Park (Gary Murfitt, Rusty Nicholas, Hank Veno, Wes Pacheco); Deerwood (Jim Lohrbauer, Ken Hicks, Cindy Riley, Rod Van Pelt.)
131: Ponte Vedra (Bruce Mohler, Adair Roberts, Jim Brennan, Tom Kassing.)
132: Suwannee (Robert Budwick, Don Branske, Jimmy Prevatt, Keith Scott); Jacksonville Beach (Sandy Suckling, Al Levene, Ed Tormollen, Fred Bridges): NAS (Joe Carreiro, Sean Haley, Jack Morehead, Russ Hamilton.)
133: San Jose (Josh Vidoli, Mike Cooper, Bill Basney, Don Wilkinson.)
138: Marsh Landing (David Media, Ray Cabano, Don Gould, Marc Battreall.)

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